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    first, there is no secret formula for our success. ConeZone's success depends on teamwork. Our team includes different people working towards the ultimate goal, providing all our customers with the best quality products at reasonable prices. The concept of the company is to serve delicious ice cream / frozen yogurt in modern good quality commercial stores.
    We are pleased that you are interested in the possibility of acquiring the "ConeZone" store franchise; Retail sells premium ice cream / frozen yogurt and cakes anywhere. We at ConeZone always strive to bring you the freshest and best flavors anywhere, and this is done using the best natural ingredients available.

    Our retail stores reflect a classy and sophisticated look from the 1990s, and we strive to get people who share our vision and direction. We are eager to learn more about you, and we believe it is equally important for you to learn more about us and the impact our franchise program will have on you and your future.
    Once we receive your completed application from the site, we will promptly notify you of your case and arrange an appointment to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Once again, thank you for your interest in ConeZone. Looking forward to meeting you, and we hope you someday have an experience.