Our Story

A New happiness In Each Cone

Welcome To ConeZone

    The beginning was 1993 year

    Mofad Trading Company was established to begin its journey in leading the ice cream industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under the 100% Saudi brand specialized in manufacturing and marketing ice cream and cake and its derivatives from the best natural ingredients and high quality that are exported from all over the world, and still, for more than 27 years, ConeZone offers its customers moments of joy. Cone Zone offers more than 60 flavors of ice cream, cake, yogurt, and biscuits daily.

    ConeZone also provides various direct selling stores across the Kingdom that include some of the best restaurants, cafes, hotels, schools, and restaurants. ConeZone has recently entered the small markets as well.

    To guarantee the best quality, Mafad trading company owns a prepared manufactory with the best imported machines, which were importe

We Make Everything By Hand With The Best Possible Ingredients.

    If you are overwhelmed by the desire for ice cream, ConeZone satisfies your cravings instantly. It is an invitation that is not related to a specific time, place, or occasion, you must satisfy your desire to eat our best cake or ice cream products. Every day ConeZone believes in the joy of giving in order to convey to you through his own mixture to give you a unique sense of satisfaction.